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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you take part exchanges?
  2. How do I pay for my vehicle?
  3. How do I get approved for finance?
  4. How do you handle finance documentation?
  5. How will my order be confirmed?
  6. How will my vehicle be delivered?


  1. Do you take part exchanges?

    At First National Vehicles we do take Part Exchanges and the member of sales staff that you are dealing with will happily give you a valuation for your vehicle. In order to do this the member of our sales staff will need to take the following details of your vehicle:

    • Make and Model of Vehicle
    • Registration Number
    • Year of Manufacture
    • Colour of Vehicle
    • Current Mileage on Odometer
    • Time until Next MOT
    • Amount of Tax on Vehicle
    • An Accurate Account of the Condition of the Vehicle
    • Details of any Damage on the Vehicle
    • Details of Service History

    These details are necessary for our underwriters to offer the best price for your vehicle. On acceptance of the price quoted for you old vehicle we will send you a copy of the ‘Condition Report’ detailing the information taken from you by the sales person for you to check and counter sign.

    Also a ‘Trade In Declaration’ which is a legal document to confirm that the information you gave us about the vehicle is correct for the under writing of the vehicle. If you are VAT registered we will also require an invoice for the sale of part exchange to Low Cost Vans.

    We will also require you to send back the signed ‘Condition Report’, ‘Trade In Declaration’, your Original V5 (log book) and current MOT Certificate.

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  2. How do I pay for my vehicle?

    When buying your car from First National Vehicles you have a range of payment options open to you and our helpful sales staff can guide you through the pros and cons of each of the options and find a payment method that not only suits you but your business too.

    We are able to offer the following payment methods – Cash Purchase, Hire Purchase (HP), Finance Lease, Contract Hire or Contract Purchase. If you need any additional information on any of these finance methods please look at our section on Financing your car.

    If you require finance (i.e. Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Contract Purchase or Contract Hire) we have fantastic rates available. In order for us to arrange finance for you we will need to ask a number of questions about you and your business.

    • What you need to know before hand:-
    • Contact details for your business (i.e. address, telephone numbers, email address, nature of business, etc.)
    • 5 years of employment history or trading history if self employed
    • Details of business partners (i.e. address, post code, date of birth, marital status, residential status & previous address if less than 5 years at present address)
    • Your bank details (i.e. account number, sort code & how long you have banked with them)

    In most cases we will need to take a deposit to secure the vehicle for you and this can be from as little as £250 and can be paid over the phone by credit or debit card. If the deposit is over £1000 and you would like to pay it with a credit card a 2% handling charge will be applied but there is no charge for using a debit card.
Also if the deposit is over £1000 we will need copies of your driving license and bank statement of the debit/credit card to be used. This process is set up so that we can help combat identity theft and debit/credit card fraud.

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  3. How do I get approved for finance?

    Once we have all of the details mentioned in Payment for the Vehicle the details will be passed to our network of finance houses who will credit check you/your company and we’ll select the best finance house for your finance.

    Upon approval we will need to take a deposit from you to secure the vehicle, our finance department will contact you to discuss the finance approval and discuss with you the benefits of certain insurance products available to you (as per FSA regulations). Also the member of our sales staff you are dealing with will request a selection of proofs of identity that are required by the finance houses.

    • The proof of identification documents required are as follows:
    • Driving License (Paper and card parts if you have a photo license)
    • Valid Passport
    • Two Utility Bills (must be within 3 months / 90 days old) and can consist of:
      • Gas Bill
      • Water Bill
      • Electricity Bill
      • Bank Statements (Must show transactions)
      • Credit Card Statements (Must show transactions)

    The finance houses will not accept any form of telephone bills (mobile or land line). The proofs can be emailed, faxed or posted to us but they all must be legible.

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  4. How do you handle finance documentation?

    Once we receive all of the proofs of identification our finance team will then forward all of the finance documentation directly to you by post.

    We suggest that you read through all of the documentation and ensure that all of the vehicle details and figures match those that you have been quoted.

    You will then need to sign in the relevant highlighted areas and post the documents back to us in the pre-paid envelope supplied not forgetting to keep the copy marked “Customer” for your records.

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  5. How will my order be confirmed?

    Our sales staff will then send you an Order Confirmation which will outlay the following:

    • Name of sales staff that took your order
    • Date of order
    • Vehicle make and model
    • Registration and Chassis number
    • Colour of vehicle
    • Vehicle extras (i.e. Tow Bars, Mud flaps etc.)
    • Delivery Address

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  6. How will my vehicle be delivered?

    Once you have purchased your new vehicle we shall arrange FREE DELIVERY to your door. On the day of delivery, the delivery agent will call you directly when they are one hour away from your chosen delivery address.

    When you take delivery of the vehicle you will need to check the vehicle fully and ensure that:

    • There are no dents, scratches or stone chips
    • The vehicles tax disc is present
    • Any relevant retro fitted items are present (e.g. Tow Bars, Mud Flaps)

    In the unlikely event that your vehicle does arrive damaged, scratched or stone chipped you must contact us as soon as possible. The affected areas must be marked in the corresponding areas on the vehicle delivery note – if damage is not marked on the delivery note we will be unable to address the damage. Repairs will require photographs/estimates for us to proceed with the repair. If all is fine with the vehicle and you are happy with it you will need to sign for the acceptance of the vehicle. If you have agreed a part exchange with the member of our sales staff the delivery driver will check that the condition of your old vehicle is to the correct standard from that you had stated and signed for on the Condition Report and drive the part exchanged vehicle back to us.

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